Fasilkom-TI Held a Sharing Session with PT. Huawei Indonesia: Creating Quality ICT Talent

Medan, Humas Fasilkom-TI – Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Fasilkom-TI) Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) held a sharing session with practitioners of PT. Huawei Indonesia with the title, "Information Communication Technology (ICT): Trends and Job Opportunities in the Industries" on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

This series of sharing session activities was opened by remarks from the Dean of Fasilkom-TI, Dr. Maya Silvi Lydia, B.Sc., M.Sc, moderated by Information Technology Lecturer Ivan Jaya, S.Si., M.Kom., then the presentation by the Director of Human Resource PT. Huawei Indonesia, Ir. Dani K. Ristandi, MBA.

In the presentation of the material, it was conveyed that ICT plays a vital role in the development of aspects of life, one of which is job opportunities. In the future, 80 million old jobs will be replaced by automation, robots, and machines. However, these replaceable jobs gave rise to new jobs with the advent of ICT.

Therefore, in delivering the material, the Director of Human Resorts PT. Huawei conveys that it is essential for students to prepare knowledge, skills, and behavior as early as possible to become ICT talents that can bring Indonesia to a developed country in 2045.

This sharing session aims to build awareness about the importance of ICT talent in the world of work and answer the problems and challenges of ICT talent in the future. "Stakeholders must be involved in solving and responding to these problems, such as educational institutions and Huawei itself," he said.

Responding to this, 2021 Information Technology student Paulus Simon Halomoan Sigalingging enthusiastically welcomed this sharing session. According to him, a lot of new information is rarely known by many people related to automated work. "It turns out that there are also many products from Huawei that cover many industrial sectors in Indonesia," concluded Paulus.