Learning System Using E-learning Moodle In SMP Negeri 1 Binjai Kwala Begumit

Utilization of Information, Communication and Computer Technology is a support in progress of education both at the school and college level. Access data and easy, fast, accurate and direct information can optimize the process learning. SMP Negeri 1 Binjai Kwala Begumit Langkat Regency as a educational institutions that play a role in educating the nation's next generation are expected able to optimally carry out learning activities. Therefore we need a system that can used by teachers and students as a suitable choice in implementing learning activities, namely by implementing an online learning system or e-learning with the Moodle Platform.

Application for Management of Correspondence and Archives at Mawaridussalam Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) Batang Kuis

The Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) Mawaridussalam Batang Kuis as an Islamic Education Institution that plays a role in shaping the character and personality of the nation's next generation is expected to be able to optimally manage correspondence and archives to provide good service to the Ponpes academic community. Therefore we need an application that can be used by the Secretariat and Leaders of Islamic Boarding Schools for systematic management of letters and archives..

Android-Based E-Warta Application as Information Media for Gbkp Runggun Sememei Batu Community Groups

With the rapid development of information technology, changes in business patterns have also increased sharply. This is called the era of disruption. IT technology has also penetrated into many fields, one of which is the field of religion. In the religious world, especially during this pandemic, digital transformation has begun, one of which is in the form of online worship and digital weekly information reporting. Therefore, an e-warta application was made as an online medium for weekly access to information by the GBKP Runggun Sememei Batu community group.