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The establishment of the bachelor study (S-1) of Information Technology was submitted in the early 2007 with the aim of adding one more program in the computational discipline environment, in addition to the bachelor program (S-1) of Computer Science that had been established previously in 2002. However at that time, in the nomenclature regulation of the Directorate General of Higher Education (Dirjen Dikti) the name of the Information Technology program was unknown. This program was ....



Dr. Maya Silvi Lydia B.Sc., M.Sc.

Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Dr. Maya Silvi Lydia was inaugurated as Dean of Fasilkom-TI for the 2021–2026 period. In the same year, she was awarded as one of the best online education lecturers at USU. Dr. Maya Silvi Lydia — who was born on January 27, 1974 in Medan— received her bachelor's and master's degrees from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and her doctoral degree from Universitas Sumatera Utara.

Dr. Mohammad Andri Budiman S.T., M.Comp.Sc., M.E.M.

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Alumni, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Sarah Purnamawati, S.T., M.Sc.

Vice Dean for Administration, Finance, Human Resources and Assets, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Romi Fadillah Rahmat, B.Comp.Sc., M.Sc.

Vice Dean for Research, Community Service, Cooperation and Information, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Fasilkom-TI Profile

There are several majors in this Faculty, including Computer Science Undergraduate Program, Information Technology Undergraduate Program, Informatics Engineering Master Program, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Master Program, and Computer Science Doctoral Program.

Vision and

  • Vision

    Becoming an organizer of research-based higher education in the field of computer science/informatics and information technology that is adaptive, collaborative, and creative, as well as internationally qualified.

  • Mission

    • Develop the programs in Fasilkom-TI to be able to improve the education and research in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology.

    • Organize a number of groups in the field of expertise and research in computer science and information technology.

    • Prepare graduates to be ready to compete with the global community in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology research.

    • Strive for the realization of Fasilkom-TI as a center for research, training and development of services in the fields of computer science and information technology.

    • Develop innovative science and technology that can contribute to the better quality of people's lives in the framework of Tropical Science and Medicine,Agroindustry, Local Wisdom, Energy [sustainable], Natural Resources [biodiversity, forest, marine, mine, tourism], Technology [appropriate] and Arts [ethnic] (TALENTA) of USU.

    • Organize Fasilkom-TI with a good governance in order to support the formation of an independent USU.