Covid-19 Task Force of USU Visits Fasilkom-TI to Review the Preparation of Limited PTM

Medan, Humas Fasilkom-TI —University of Sumatera Utara will soon carry out Limited Pembelajaran Tatap Muka (PTM) at the beginning of the even semester of 2022. The Covid-19 Task Force of USU made a visit to Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Fasilkom-TI) on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. This visit was conducted to assess the preparation of Fasilkom-TI.

Covid-19 Task Force of USU were represented by Dr. Ananda Wibawanta Ginting, M.Ked(PD), Sp. PD-KP. He said that Covid-19 Task Force would provide assistance to each campus architecture to support the running of PTM activities.

Dr. Ananda explained that the crucial things that must be prepared by the faculty are implementing health protocols, hand washing facilities, temperature measuring devices, and the lecture flow. Dr. Ananda also assessed the preparation of the classrooms used, room ventilation, air circulation, and the recommended number of students.

“Then we also write down the condition of lecturers who fit the criteria to conduct face-to-face learning. Therefore, if the lecturers do not meet the criteria, it is not recommended to do face-to-face learning. So, we can minimize the occurrence of things we do not want.” said Dr. Ananda.

The dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Fasilkom-TI), Dr. Maya Silvi Lydia, B.Sc., M.Sc., said the faculty had prepared the necessary requirements to hold limited Limited Pembelajaran Tatap Muka (PTM), such as supporting facilities and adequate classrooms.

Dr. Maya Silvi also explained that this Limited PTM is only for students in their second and fourth semester, considering that the students of 2020 and 2021 have never experienced face-to-face learning. "In addition, we also consider that only students who have been vaccinated can participate in the PTM. Moreover, we also have prepared the classrooms.”

“Other preparations, for the practicum activity, due to the laboratory rooms having no ventilation, maybe we will use another place for the practicum activity, so it can be held offline. We have also prepared other facilities other than just the hand washing facilities.” explained Dr. Maya.

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