Fasilkom-TI Explores Collaboration with National Startup Company


The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Fasilkom-TI) of the Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) conducted a Collaboration Exploration with National Startup Companies which lasted for two days, on August 10-11, 2023.

This activity aims to pioneer new collaborations with high-quality industries in order to support education, research, and resources within Fasilkom-TI more broadly. Fasilkom-TI still needs to add industrial partners to be able to meet the needs of the industrial world in various aspects. With this activity, Fasilkom-TI can improve the achievement of the IKU of Higher Education. In addition, the quality of resources, education, and research can be improved.


On the first day of the visit, Fasilkom-TI attended the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit (AIIS) 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo. The event was organized by KORIKA (Artificial Intelligence Industry Research and Innovation Collaboration) and CTIS (Center for Technology & Innovation Studies). The event combines a dynamic conference and an immersive exhibition, showcasing the enormous potential of artificial intelligence (AI) across multiple industries and domains. AIIS 2023 emphasizes four missions of artificial intelligence, namely unleashing the power of collaboration for a changing nation, empowering extraordinary minds with character and competence, building data ecosystems and infrastructure, driving national progress, and upholding ethics and values for a harmonious digital future.


Furthermore, Fasilkom-TI held a meeting with Wita Laksono, Senior Internet Resources Analyst at APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Center) Company, to discuss possible points of collaboration between Fasilkom-TI and APNIC. APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region, covering 56 economies across Asia and Oceania. APNIC classifies these economies into four subregions: South, Southeast, East, and Oceania. APNIC employs team members from across the region to help understand and respond to the needs of diverse communities. Seven countries in the Asia Pacific have National Internet Registries (NIR).


On the second day, Fasilkom-TI visited the Alibaba Cloud company. Alibaba Cloud is Alibaba Group's cloud computing company Alibaba Cloud Academy, the training and certification arm of Alibaba Cloud, empowers customers, partners and developers to improve their cloud skills and gain confidence and credibility by offering 300+ online and offline training courses.
Alibaba Cloud Academy provides specialized training courses to help its business partners, including Reseller Partners, Service Partners, and Technology Partners, improve their cloud computing knowledge, obtain industry-leading professional certifications, and expand their business in the cloud. These courses also enhance partners' understanding of Alibaba Cloud's product offerings. After discussing the points of collaboration between Fasilkom-TI and the Alibaba Cloud Company, Fasilkom-TI took a tour of the Alibaba Cloud office to see the work atmosphere at the Alibaba Cloud company and ended by exchanging souvenirs with the Alibaba Cloud Company.
By holding this activity, it is hoped that there will be a mutually beneficial collaboration between Fasilkom-TI and these companies. The implementation of real cooperation between Fasilkom-TI and these companies will be able to improve the quality of education, research, and human resources. In addition, the university's KPIs can be achieved.