Dewi Sartika Br Ginting, S.Kom, M.Kom.


Research Area

1. Data Mining
2. Decision Support System
3. Data Science


Mrs. Dewi Sartika Br Ginting is a lecturer in the Computer Science Study Program at Fasilkom-IT USU. In the course of her career she has participated in many trainings such as Lokakarya Program Pengembangan Keterampilan Dasar Teknik Instruksional (PEKERTI) Angkatan LIX (59) in 2019, Lokakarya Applied Approach (AA) Angkatan XLVIII (48), trainings on the development of effective learning methods in Higher Education, foreign language training for young lecturers, public speaking training, writing scientific papers and many other trainings. She is also active in organizational activities such as joining the executive committee of International Conference on Computing and Applied Informatics (ICCAI) 2020, joining Gugus Kendali Mutu (GKM) for the Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program, and is the executive secretariat of the International Conference on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. Intelligence and Business Analytics (DATABIA) 2021. Data Mining, Decision Support System, and Data Science are research fields that are occupied by Ms. Dewi Sartika Br Ginting. She is also often invited to be a resource person for training such as Online Lecture Workshop for Lecturers of FMIPA USU 2020 and E-learning training for Lecturers of FMIPA USU 2021.

S.Kom. Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia (2013)
M.Kom. Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia (2018)


Office Location

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology's D Building


"Pray for what you do and work for what you pray for", "If you don't come from a rich family, a rich family must come from you. Claim it!” - Tinashe Msipa.

— Dewi Sartika Br Ginting, S.Kom, M.Kom.