Prof. Dr. Syahril Efendi, S.Si, M.IT

Secretary of PhD’s Program in Computer Science

Research Area

1. Research Operation
2. Information Science
3. Numeric Computing


Mr. Syahril was born in Medan, November 10, 1967. He earned his bachelor and doctor degree at the Mathematics Department of FMIPA USU, Medan while his master degree from the Department of Computer/Information Technology FTSM Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi, Malaysia. Mr. Syahril is an experienced lecturer. From 1996 until now, he has taught at the Mathematics Department of FMIPA USU and the Department of Computer Science at Fasilkom-TI USU. He was also entrusted with various positions, namely: Head of RaSiO Laboratory of FMIPA USU (1996-2013), Expert Staff to the Vice Dean III of FMIPA USU (2000-2005), Secretary of Computer Science Study Program USU (2001-2006), Head of Information Systems Laboratory of Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program Fasilkom-TI USU (2005-present), Head of Informatics Engineering Diploma Study Program FMIPA USU (2010-2015), Vice Dean III Fasilkom-TI USU (2012-2018), BNSP Competency Assessor (2013-2016), and Secretary of the Computer Science Masters/Doctor Study Program Fasilkom-TI USU (2018-2021). Apart from being a lecturer, Mr. Syahril has also served as a TATP project manager in Medan, software developer (Academic Information System software of FMIPA USU, BP-PNFI Regional I Medan Information System, Information System for Educators and Non-formal Education Personnel, Cooperative Assessment System, Home and Away System for PSSI Football Game of North Sumatra), and Consultants (Academic Team) at Balai Pengembangan Pendidikan Nonformal dan Informal (BP-PNFI) Regional I Medan. Until now, Mr. Syahril has conducted dozens of researches in the fields of artificial intelligence, cryptography, and others. Besides being active in teaching and research activities, Mr. Syahril is also active in organizations. Mr. Syahril is the Chairman of the APTIKOM Cooperation Division for Aceh North Sumatra Region (2013-2015), the General Chair of North Sumatra Branch of IPKIN (2015-2019), the Governor of IndoMS for Aceh Sumut Region (2016-2018), the Chairman of ABDSI for North Sumatra Region (2015-2019), Member Status and Transfer of Status of North Sumatra PSSI (2005-2009), Chairman of the Competition Committee of Asprov PSSI of North Sumatra (2013-2017), Head of the North Discipline Committee of Asprov PSSI of North Sumatra (2017-2021), Governor of IndoMS of North Sumatra Aceh Region (2018-2020), and Deputy President III of Central IndoMS (2020-2022). Mr. Syahril has participated in the PSSI Member Development Program in 2014 and 2015. Mr. Syahril's motto in life is "Reach happiness while maintaining worship, health and finances".


S.Si. Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia (1994)
M.IT. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia (1998)
Dr. Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia (2009)

Office Location

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology's B Building

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Reach happiness while maintaining worship, health and finances".

— Dr. Syahril Efendi, S.Si, M.IT