Fasilkom-TI Collaborates with MBKM's DUDI (Dunia Usaha Dunia Industri) Partners with PT Datasaur Software Indonesia

Medan, Humas Fasilkom-TI — The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universitas Sumatera Utara ( Fasilkom-TI USU) collaborated with one of the DUDI, PT Datasaur Software Indonesia. Datasaur is a startup engaged in Artificial Intelligence and data modeling with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

This collaboration activity was carried out on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 and was carried out virtually through the Zoom Meeting platform. Datasaur was founded on the premise that building the right tools can advance the adoption and democratization of artificial intelligence. itself is a startup based in Silicon Valley, United States. In 2019, was listed on Stanford StarX, and in 2020, received funding from YCombinator W20.

This activity was attended by the Director of USU's Directorate of Educational Development, Secretary USU's Directorate of Educational Development, Vice Dean III of Fasilkom-TI, Head of the Computer Science S-1 Study Program, Head of the Information Technology S-1 Study Program, and  Head of the Data Science S-2 Study Program. and Artificial Intelligence

This activity supports the policy of the Minister of Education and Culture, namely MBKM, as well as helping USU fulfill the IKU 2 PTN (students get off-campus experience). This activity also provides greater job opportunities at PT Datasaur Software Indonesia for USU Fasilkom-TI graduates who have previously successfully participated in internships at PT Datasaur Software Indonesia.

Through this activity, obtained procedures, conditions, terms, rules, etc. related to MBKM internships for undergraduate programs and also internships for USU's Fasilkom-TI postgraduate program at PT Datasaur Software Indonesia

Collaboration with MBKM DUDI Partners aims to establish mutually beneficial cooperation between USU's Fasilkom-TI and PT Datasaur Software Indonesia in terms of internships, namely MBKM internships for undergraduate programs and internships for postgraduate programs. With the experience, knowledge, and skills gained during their internship at PT Datasaur Software Indonesia, USU's Fasilkom-IT students are expected to be more prepared and competent in entering the world of work in the future.